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Announcements : Off-Campus Study Applications

Announcement: Off-Campus Study Applications

...How Do You Create One?
In order to receive any academic transfer credit from a program or location outside the US, an Off-Campus Study Application is required.

The Rhodes College Off-Campus Study Application is almost entirely online and available via this Online Portal for Off-Campus Study.

Steps to Create and Complete Your Rhodes College Off-Campus Study Application
  1. Click Login/Register. Login using your Rhodes username and password.
  2. Click PROGRAMS and search for the program you want. When you find it, hit “Apply Now.”
  3. You'll be asked if you want to create an application - Yes - you do!
  4. Now, click on the menu link that says, “Applicant Home”…
  5. …there you’ll see your link to the Off-Campus Study Application that you have created for your program.
  6. Click the Off-Campus Study Application link to your program link you’ll be taken to the application checklist.
  7. Complete all items, following instructions carefully, and you'll have completed your Off-Campus Study Application!
For Your Program Provider
You must also apply to your program provider, too, using their application materials. Most of this will be available on their websites (look for “APPLY NOW!” kind of language).