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Announcements : Application Deadlines

Announcement: Application Deadlines

What You Don't Know Can Limit Your Options
All deadlines are 5:00pm on the dates below*.  Late or incomplete applications may not be considered.

For Study Abroad during a Spring semester:
  • Scholarship: October 1
  • Off-Campus Study Application: October 15
  • Belgium Bilateral Exchange: the previous year's April 1
  • ISEP Exchange: August 15
  • All Other Exchanges: October 15
For Study Abroad during a Summer term:
  • Scholarship Applications open on a rolling basis: December 1
  • Regular: February 15
For Study Abroad during a Fall semester or an Academic Year:
  • Scholarship: February 1
  • European Studies: February 1
  • Off-Campus Study Application: February 15
  • Bilateral Exchange Belgium - the previous semester's April 1
  • ISEP Exchange: February 1
  • All Other Exchanges: February 15
For Travel Registrations:
  • 60 days in advance of the planned departure
For International Bilateral Exchange Students Applying to Study At Rhodes:
  • For the August-December Term or Entire Academic Year: April 1  
  • For the January-May Term: September 15
*When these deadlines fall on a holiday or weekend, the new deadline is 5:00pm on the next business day.